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Javier Aguayo

España Niviuk Artik 3
Sponsor: Ninguno
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Javier Aguayo

Niviuk Artik 3
Sponsor: Ninguno
19 Tracks | 1 Activity
Niviuk Artik 3
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Puente del Congosto (Salamanca)
España España
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13:25:06 - 2449 mts
16:05:39 - 984 mts
GPS Inverval:
1 Seconds
2:40:33 Hours
Lineal distance:
103,04 kms
Maximun speed:
119.9 km/hr
Maximun altitude:
3.124,00 mts
72,28 kms
-19,00 m/s +19,00 m/s
80,679 kms
84,034 kms - 84,03 Points
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