- How to create a competition.

Click on "Competition", from the initial screen Trackator.
You can import a competition from a GPX file (in you will find a lot of files of competitions from INFO section of each classification).
If you want to create a competition, you can set the features as the competition name, area, date, modality, and competition schedules.
The most important is to Start time, that starts the chrono. All this information is optional.

DScrolling the screen to the left, you will access the screen where you can create the turnpoints, which are the points where you have to go to make the task, with a given radius. You can change the order, the color, the type of turnpoint, etc..

If you scroll again the screen to the left, shows the map where you can see graphically the turnpoints. We can also create them directly from the map.

Types of Turnpoints:

  - Preview: turnpoint mandatory step, but does not score nor starts chrono.
  - Startpoint: if it exists, start the chrono time.
  - Goal: stops the chrono time and the score.
 - Turnpoint: middle marker.
  - Scoring turnpoint: intermediate marker score assigned.

You can change the order of the turnpoints, and editing them updown with the arrows.

You can also change the fill color of the turnpoint to your preference.


Once created the competition, you can share it with other competitors, to facilitate the work all by bluetooth.


Each activity can have an active competition. Make sure you are in the right activity before starting the competition mode navigation. To have several competitions in the same activity must store them in the memory card in GPX format, by clicking on "Save", and load the competition you're going to do by clicking on "Load".