- Types of competitions.

Each activity can have an active competition. Make sure you are in the right activity once you create the competition before starting the track.

These are the kinds of competition that you can create with Trackator:

- Route against the clock: in the route with turnpoint, you must complete the race in the shortest time possible (Scorin: time doing all turnpoint).
- Laps against the clock: number of full turns to a series of turnpoints. A lap is completed when you have entered all turnpoints in the correct order. (Scoring: n º laps in a given time).
- Maximum distance from startpoint. (Scoring distance).
- Independent scoring turnpoints: race consisting in adding all possible turnpoints. (Scoring: punctuation).
- Route with scoring turnpoints: idem last one, but in certain order.




To get a turnpoint you have to go into it, depending on radio turnpoint.

For each competition you can establish schedules:
- Open time: competition start (no chrono time).
- Closing time: as of this moment no one can begin to participate.
- Start time: the chrono time begin, so time score too.
- Maximum time of arrival:  In this moment, time scoring ends.
These fields are optional and in some cases are used as information.

By checking the "Go to Next" when you get a turnpoint, a line automatically appears showing the course to the next turnpoint. You can see information away to reach, heading in degrees, time of arrival based on current average speed and height required to get the turnpoint in case of making flying activity.

Trackator can use for any other competition.

Resume: what should I do to compete?.

First, create a competition in the desired activity,import a file gpx competition.
Then, just start a new track, checking the checkbox "Race", with the activity for which you have created the race. This is it.